Week 3

I’m nearing the end of my Peace Corps service, I just have about 10 weeks left, which is insane.

As a way to reflect on my time here in Ukraine, I decided to share some things I learned since I’ve been here—specifically one thing for every week I have been in Ukraine. That’s a grand total of 112 things. I am absolutely certain that I have learned way more things than just 112 over the past two years, but this seems like a good way to start to try to sum up my experiences here.

Week 3

  1. Your kids are just as nervous around you as you are around them
  2. Wait to correct any mistakes until they’re finished speaking
  3. It doesn’t matter if you run in a parka or in shorts, people will stare
  4. Run anyway
  5. Your host mom will know about your run before you get back
  6. Read as much as you can
  7. People are still going to stare no matter what you wear or how you do your hair, so do what you want
  8. Check in with your friends, even if it’s just to be selfish and share your own problems
  9. But listen to your friends, listen more than you talk
  10. Try to cook new things and eat them, even if they suck
  11. Try to share your struggles and failures as much as your successes

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