Week 2

As a way to reflect on my time here in Ukraine, I decided to share some things I learned since I’ve been here—specifically one thing for every week I have been in Ukraine. That’s a grand total of 112 things. I am absolutely certain that I have learned way more things than just 112 over the past two years, but this seems like a good way to start to try to sum up my experiences here.

11. Try everything at least once, even holodets
12. Holodets is meat jello
13. Vareniky isn’t terribly hard to make, but yours will never be as good as your host mom’s
14. Try not to wear loud shoes on your first day in a quiet classroom, it will drive you crazy
15. The only way to get off the bus is to push. You can’t be polite
16. Lines are only suggested, generally everything is a blob of who gets to push to the front first
17. When in doubt, put on another layer of clothing, you can always take it off later
18. UNO requires no translation
19. You’ll never get used to having hot dogs for breakfast
20. The overnight train is only cool the first time
21. You don’t have to eat everything they feed you! But you do have to be polite about it.

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