Week 8


  1. Get to class early so you can chat with your students
  2. Bring your own bags whenever you go to the store
  3. Rainboots. Rainboots.
  4. Sidewalks are overrated (I miss level sidewalks)
  5. Don’t be afraid to try a new project, whether that’s learning how to make something new or trying to get your kids to try a different way to learn something
  6. Ask for permission…and sometimes just do it anyway if they’re not that interested
    1. Obviously use your best judgement here, but I spent a long time at site (probably too long) waiting for my school to ask me to do something. I taught and did my clubs, but not much besides that. It hit a point where I just said I was doing a sports club or I wasn’t going to do this if people weren’t going to come or I was going to work on this project.
    2. I still met the needs of my school and I did all of the things they asked of me, I just did a couple of other things (largely on my own) as well. Some were successful, like sports camp and our book report contest, some were not so much, class English clubs were too confusing, and the older kids were too busy (or just not interested) for a leadership club.
  7. Remember that your service belongs to you too. Make sure you are satisfied with what you’re doing.
    1. This is in your work and outside of it. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, but also make sure you feel fulfilled. This is supposed to be difficult, it isn’t supposed to be painful.
  8. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success for when this adventure is over
    1. For me, this meant studying for and taking the LSAT as well as getting all my application materials ready to go (and applying soon). But this could mean taking online classes to learn a new skill, polishing up your resume, studying for the GRE. Peace Corps gives you plenty of time (an absurd amount of time really) and you don’t have to use all of it towards your future, but it’s too good a chance to waste.
  9. Speaking of having too much time…develop hobbies. Here some things I’ve learned (or gotten much better at) since I’ve been here:
    1. Cross stitch
    2. Knitting
    3. Baking bread
    4. Making soup
    5. Making bagels
    6. Making Ukrainian food
    7. Making pasta sauce

So, a lot of it is food related. I’m a pretty good cook. My future husband and children are in for a treat.

  1. Wear light denim so you can brush chalk onto it and no one cares.
    1. They still care, but I don’t so…
    2. This only works if you work somewhere where the dress code isn’t the strictest.

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