Book Report Contest

We hosted a book report contest for my students and it was a smashing success.

When I explain this, I don’t mean that this is all due to me or anything that I’ve done, but when I arrived we only had a few books in English, mostly the ones I had managed to pack with me while trying (and failing) to keep my bags under the 50 pound weight limit. That feels like a lifetime ago.

What I mean to explain is that the fact that we even have enough books to check out to the about 40 students who participated was mind-blowing to me!

Huge thank you to Darien books for the huge shipment of books we got over the summer and to my Grandma Melody for her shipments of books as well.

My favorite part of this whole contest was being able to see my students read books that I loved growing up and seeing them enjoy them as much as I do.

Students were split in to four groups 4th and 5th grade, 6th and 7th grade, 8th and 9th grade and 10th and 11th grade. They were given books to choose from at their level and given a worksheet asking for details from the book.

For the youngest group, it asked for book title, author, their favorite part of the book and a small picture. The older groups had to provide a little more information, a small summary and for the oldest group, thoughts on the theme and some things that were a bit more challenging.

Every students that participated got a certificate, they are very big on certificates here. The highest scores in each group would get prizes of their own book in English and a couple other small prizes and the class that got the highest percent of students to participate would get a pizza party.

That prize went to 7b who had 10 kids turn in book reports! Their pizza party was a blast. I passed out all the certificates and prizes and I am so proud of these kids.


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