That’s a wrap on summer

Today was my first day of school in my sweet little village.

“But Whitney” you say, “it’s Friday, who starts school on a Friday??”

In Ukraine, school starts on September 1st no matter what day of the year it is, and starts is relative. There weren’t any classes today, but there was an adorable ceremony where the 11th form students (starting their last year of school) walked with the 1st form students (kindergartners basically) to ring the “first bell” of the school year. As such, the first day of school is called “First bell.”

My kiddos gave me flowers and gifts which mean so much. My dad gives my sisters and I flowers on the first day of school every year (since kindergarten) even when we were in college! I woke up to a text from him, saying they tried, but they couldn’t figure out how it would be possible considering I live in the middle of nowhere Ukraine. He sent me some money to buy my own flowers instead 🙂

BUT my students showered me with flowers, candy, hugs, high fives and “HELLO WHITNEY!’s” I’m sitting on a bench at school using the wifi because it hasn’t been installed in my new house yet and my heart is full.

Class starts for real on Monday, nobody really knows the schedule yet, so that will be fun. I also start my new clubs next week as well. They’ll be split by grade level into four groups, so I’m hoping they’ll be a little more focused this year and we’ll have the chance to do more fun stuff!

Since my last post, I finished my last camps, went to Odessa, got a sunburn, lost my hard drive, rode a bus for 14 hours and made my own pasta sauce from scratch. I’m especially proud of that last one.

I’m really excited to see what this school year has in store for me and my students!



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