I haven’t been the best at updating this recently. I’m in this weird place where days seem to go super slow, but weeks have flown by.

I’m writing this with one day of classes left before summer. I had my last adult and student English clubs of the school year.

I ran a half marathon last week. It was incredibly challenging, but I loved it.

I’m preparing for my American Sports camp that will be taking place in my village two weeks from now. There are an incredible number of details that go into coordinating 7 visiting Americans and activities for an, as of right now, unknown number of students, but as things are starting to come together I’m really excited to see the final project.

Looking ahead, I’m moving out of my host family this week and into my own place, this summer I’ll be helping at a few other camps, exploring this country as much as I can and preparing for my clubs and lessons next year.

It’s wild that I’m nearly a third of the way done with my Peace Corps service, but time does fly when you’re having fun!

This last week of school has been a lot of tests, grading tests and then just hanging out with kids. I showed my 4/5th graders snapchat filters today and they thought that was hilarious. Moments like those are my favorite.


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