Peace Corps Fit (Part two)

In the summer before I came to Ukraine, I started attending yoga classes at the YMCA where I also worked. I worked at that gym for over four years and worked out there only a handful of times during that period. That summer, I was only working a few shifts because I had a different full time job, but it allowed me to be able to actually attend classes.

I fell in love with yoga. Something about being able to take an hour and focus on nothing but my breath and my body was intoxicating. It helped that it was hard work, but it wasn’t too strenuous on my hip while I worked on that with my physical therapist. I could mix cardio (running) with yoga, in a way that gave my hip time to heal, but also allowed me to train for the half marathon a week before my departure that I had somewhat foolishly signed up for months before.


When it came to packing, attempting (and failing) to fit my life into 100 pounds a carry-on, my yoga mat was a must. My mom considered it a bubble-item, but it was something that I refused to compromise on. If I could go back and repack, know what I know now, I would pack completely differently, but toting my yoga mat along wouldn’t change. It was a lifesaver over the winter when it was too cold to do much outside besides shuffle to and from school.

I’ve recently started using Asana Rebel, after being bombarded with adds for it on Facebook and Instagram, and I do have to say I’m impressed. I’m excited to have more time this summer and that is one hobby that I will be spending time on during the warmer months.


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