Peace Corps Fit (Part 1)

Staying in shape during Peace Corps service can be a challenge. Every site is different and each holds its own unique challenges when it comes to this aspect of life.

When I first arrived to Ukraine in September for PST (holy crap, has it really been that long?), my biggest challenge was finding time. Fall in Ukraine is a lot like fall in the PNW, super short days. PST is a lot like having every minute of every day scheduled for you for three months. We had 3-4 hours of language a day, followed by technical training, practice lessons, English clubs and field trips. Needless to say, we were busy. During the first two months, we were lucky to be done by 4…and it was usually dark by then. This eliminated my usual exercise of choice: running. I ran a few times in the village, on weekends or on the off chance we got an early day.

Once PST got less intense, after we returned from site, it was winter and also being a PNW girl, I didn’t quite know how to function in that. Throughout PST I would do yoga in my room after dinner. The couple and babusya I lived usually ate dinner right after I got home around 4:30-5, leaving me with my evenings free.

Once I got to site, it was still winter. Shocker, I know. I started using fitness blender (thanks mom) to work out in my room. Any PCVs reading this, if you’ve got internet access I 10/10 would recommend fitness blender. They’ve got hundreds of videos that target cardio, strength, abs, arms, etc. I started with a yoga/Pilates strength series and I loved it. At the same time, I definitely got tired of being cooped up 90% of the time.

I started running outside in the snow, much to the chagrin of the babusyas in my village. I had to do some googling to figure out how to run in the snow without falling on my face all the time. I ran in my yaktrax and I still bundled up as best I could. I still didn’t wear a hat.

It started to warm up and my village became one giant mud puddle. In some ways, I preferred the snow to the mud, my Nikes and my clothes stayed cleaner and I was less likely to slip on the ice when I had my yaktrax on.

When I went to Lviv in the middle of February for a Peace Corps conference, it had already started to warm up and I was invited to do a half marathon in May. At the time, May seemed like it was ages and ages away, yet here we are. Once I got back from that conference, I had to become more serious about running if I was going to be able to run this half.

I’ve run two half marathons before, one just a week before I left for Ukraine. I’ve also dealt with some dumpy injuries relating to my running as well. I’m happy to say that my times have been faster than the last half I trained for and that my hip has been feeling pretty good so far.

My biggest concern was the heat. Ironically, I moved to Ukraine and have found it to be warmer most of the time than my sweet PNW home. I also wasn’t super sure of the conditions, whether the course would be flat or hilly and how often water would be provided.

*It ended up be stupid hot during the race and it was incredibly hilly. I’m still pleased with my performance given the conditions, but I’ve got my eye on another race in Kiev this fall to improve my time.


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