Sometimes I have days that don’t feel very “peace corps.”

I talk a lot about the places where I have found successes on my blog, but I think it’s also important to highlight the days or times where I have struggled. There are plenty, trust me.

For example, when I got back from Lviv, I was sick on Tuesday. The long week of travel and the overnight train just took me out and I took a day to recover. I headed to school on Wednesday knowing that my counterpart wouldn’t be there, so I’d be covering the lessons for our shared classes. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to teach without a Ukrainian teacher also being present, so there was a bunch of confusion over being in different classes and not being able to teach and the lessons were just messy and I felt useless. I was able to end my day with my (crazy) fifth formers, who are obsessed with high-fives and handshakes, and that helped the day. I can’t say they actually learned anything, but class was fun.

When my crew from that class walked me home that day, they asked me what my favorite music was. I considered this an excellent time to plug my English club because the topic is music this week and told them that if they came to English club, they could find out.

The students in this particular class have a test during the day before club and one of them said that he wouldn’t be at school tomorrow. I asked чому? (Why?) and he said because he didn’t want to take the test, but that he would come to English club. I told him I appreciated that, but if he didn’t come to class, he couldn’t come to English club. They all laughed at that and told me that I was very funny. (Does that sound like someone who was voted the least funny in her family? I don’t think so).

Everyday brings new moments like these ones. Moments that challenge me and moments that make me laugh. This kids are incredible and I love getting to know them and seeing them learn. I can’t believe I’ve been in this country for five months now! Time really does fly when you’re having fun I guess!


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