‘Lviv-ing’ it up

Formal apology for the pun headline. I couldn’t resist.

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Lviv last week. It was incredible. Lviv is such a beautiful city and there is so much going on. I was there for Peace Corps training on Project Design and Management. We spent five days in the city, in meetings learning about grant-writing and working with counterparts in order to create sustainable and impactful projects at our sites.

I learned a lot and I am excited for Chezara and I to start working with our community on the projects that we came up with. We are looking at pursuing a project that centered around recycling and the environment in our village. Creating and promoting a recycling center in the school and improving a school greenhouse to make a school garden.

I also got to spend time with fellow PCVs, which is always a blast. I’ve mentioned before how weird PST is to throw you together with a group of random individuals that you see all the time and then fling you all over the country. These people have become close friends and even family.

Even though they are basically constantly making fun of me, I appreciate them. Luckily, my family shows affection through sarcasm, so I was well-prepared for the savagery I encounter here on a constant basis. It was great to explore the city, eat western food (burgers! Pesto! Garlic bread! ENCHILADAS!), and hang out with these guys. I can’t wait to explore more of this country and Lviv in particular.


4 thoughts on “‘Lviv-ing’ it up

  1. dzawacki says:

    Omg, that photo of the stairs looks a whole lot like a hostel I stayed in while I visited Lviv! Really brings me back. Lviv was the first city in Ukraine that felt like what I expected Europe to feel like.

    • Whitney Carter says:

      I love Lviv! I live outside of Chernivtsi and the architecture is really similar, but Lviv just feels incredibly alive and there are always people out and about. That shot is from the chocolate factory!

      • dzawacki says:

        I was lucky enough to visit Lviv a couple times. I had to travel all the way from Konotop in Sum’ska oblast so it was much more a trek than Chernivtsi.

        I never made it into the chocolate factory, though everyone told me I should go. We spent our time touring g the Obolon brewery instead.

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