I have had my teacher’s club as well as my student’s club up and running. My teacher’s club also has parents and other members of the community which is super cool. For the first two weeks, we learned how to introduce ourselves and family member words. On the third club, we learned the alphabet, which also was a great reminder of how AWFUL and CONFUSING the English alphabet is. For every rule, there are about 1,000 exceptions, which makes it really fun to teach.

I enjoy my adult club because they are excited and interested in the lessons that I plan. It makes my job easier.

My regional manager told a story about my English club during our training in Lviv. I’m definitely bragging here, so bear with me. For this part of the training, we had to discuss with our counterparts what our successes at site have been. My counterpart, Chezara, mentioned my adult English club. We presented our thoughts about the club, about how involved they are and how nervous I was before we started, but how successful it has been.

When we went to sit down, Oleg (my RM) started to tell a story. He said that he was on the phone with my director (principal) a few weeks ago, about me and about what had been going on at my site. My director had good things to say, but he told Oleg that he didn’t really have time to talk right now. Oleg asked why, and my director said that English club started at 4 and he didn’t want to be late.

I cannot begin to tell you how proud that makes me. Not that I’m that great of a volunteer, because there are so many other volunteers in Ukraine right now that are doing much more impressive things than me, but that my club is even on the radar of my director is more than I could have asked for. It definitely inspires me to work hard on it.

I also have my students club which is a blast. We talked about me for my first club, because who doesn’t like to hear about how cool I am? Mostly I showed pictures of me running half marathons and jumping out of planes to up my street cred. I also trapped a tennis ball (trapped is a soccer term, just means that I stopped it with my foot) and my fifth graders were дуже impressed.

During out second club, we talked about traveling and made travel brochures and the most recent club we talked about Valentine’s Day. I could spend a series of blog posts talking about impressive my kids are.

Every time I walk into these student clubs, I have a plan, but I also have no expectations for how they are going to go. So far, I am astounded by how much my kids participate and how excited they are for activities I give them. My kids are so smart and it’s incredible to see them learn. The best thing is even if they don’t understand, they still try. My kids are much more resilient than I was at their age.


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