English Club #1

I had my first English club today!

This was my club for students, but until about 1:30 this afternoon I had planned on doing my club for teachers today. Due to some miscommunication and a lack of advertising, my counterpart and the director (and I think some others, I don’t know, my Ukrainian still sucks) decided to switch the two.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this one to be perfectly honest. It was last minute, it had kept getting switched around, I really didn’t expect any students to come. Therefore, I was surprised when about nine girls showed up.

I started with a slideshow about myself and then I was able to learn a little more about them and find out what they want to learn in the future. These girls are really interesting in travelling and really just want to speak more.

That makes my job much easier because A. I love travelling and B. I speak English. I’m excited to be able to talk with these girls more and I am excited to see how this club goes! My schedule is all changed around and I’m seeing different kids.

I’ve also started to teach a little bit, I am excited to be able to contribute in the classroom more. Overall, it’s been great to be back at school.


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