Home sweet Sloboda

Today was about personal victories. I had my first tutoring lesson, it was great. Pronouns man, they’re super fun. We went into Chernihiv for a medical visit. I rode a marshutka for the first time. A marshutka is a bus and I’m sure in a few months, I won’t be that excited about it, but it was pretty fun this time.

We got a few groceries and then headed back into our village, after missing a bus stop and having to catch another. You win some you lose some.

I had dinner with Natasha, who made me eat 3 cookies with my tea. I’m trying really hard to not gain 40 pounds, but Natasha is fighting me every step of the way. Dinner was some sort of rice rolled in cabbage. I honestly can’t tell you, but it was delicious.

Natasha helped me with my homework, more pronouns, and I was able to ask her profession and I understood the word nurse (медсестра). Personal victory!

She also let me do my own dishes, which is the first time that that’s happened.

I can hear my mom already, “how come you weren’t excited to do dishes at home?” This is different because that was already home! I’m excited to start integrating and make this sweet little village that is mine for the next 10 weeks my home.

Tomorrow, I tour the school and have more lessons. I know I’ll have some rough days in the future, but so far, I’m having the time of my life.

I’ve got a longer post coming soon.

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