D.C. and beyond…

The other day, I woke up super early, loaded my extremely oversized suitcases in the car and headed to the airport.

This trip seemed doomed from the start. Packing was the worst. If you know me, you know that I will always think that packing is the worst. I had the biggest struggle making decisions on what to take with me. Am I going to need this? Will I regret not taking this? Will I be able to carry these bags myself?

img_1174I weighed my bags, cut things, weighed them again, cut some more. All this, until the scale said that I was at the golden 50 pounds that I’d been aiming for.

We made a few last minute trips last night, one to buy a bigger backpack, one to get smaller peanut butter and mascara, then I loaded all of that into my carry on. It is absurdly large. It’s nearly as big as I am. It’s got a ukulele and a blanket clipped on the outside. I got many many weird looks as I traipsed through the airport to my gate.

“I’m leaving for the peace corps,” I felt obligated to mention every time someone made a comment or stared for a while at how large my bag was. People were definitely nicer after that.

Once we got to the airport, I checked in and went to drop off my bags. We had weighed them so. Many. Times. Also, at this point we realized that the wheel on one of my suitcases was broken.

Both bags were overweight. I almost started to cry. My parents came in clutch and helped me move things from one to make only one suitcase over weight. My dad disappeared and returned with a brand new suitcase, with working wheels, and my mom and I furiously moved half of my belongings into the new suitcase on the floor, in the middle of the airport. It was great.

I’ve got to make a few cuts before my flight to Ukraine on Wednesday, but man, that decision is overwhelming to even think about.

My parents got me all checked in. Prayed for me. And we said our goodbyes before I headed to security. Thank God for water proof mascara.

I’m writing this on my phone on the plane, mostly because I realized I never actually downloaded Microsoft office onto my new computer. Adding that to the growing list of things I forgot to do.

I’m not writing this to complain. Yeah, it was a frustrating morning, but I got through it. I’m getting ready for this crazy adventure that I have no idea what to expect.

My dad said a lot of things before I headed to security with my giant bag on my back. The thing that stuck out to me the most and the thing that I think will help get me through some of the hardest times I anticipate will happen was this: “you are doing this for a reason.” That matters to me. Knowing that this is more than just a cool thing to do after college is something that is so important to me. I’m not just doing this because it’s fun, or it’ll look good on my resume, or because it’s an adventure. I’m doing this because it matters. For a reason. I’m terrified. This is easily the scariest thing that I’ve ever done. It was rough start, but we’ll get through it. Spirits are high.


Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what stuff doesn’t make the cut, I can receive packages in December 😉

*Update, the Nutella was left in D.C.

Adding to this, staging was great. I’ve met lots of really cool people. I got to spend some time in the Capital and in the Smithsonian. There was something that’s pretty special about spending my last couple of days in the states in this beautiful, historic, city.img_1176


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