My stories

I’m not sure there’s a more divisive issue in America right now than race. I knew it was something I needed to write about, I couldn’t just sit here and say nothing. For a while now, I have been struggling with what to say. What can I add so the cacophony of noise that is out there? What do I have to contribute to this nationally divisive and controversial issue?

This isn’t going to be something where I rant about inequality, justice and privilege, though I’ve read those pieces and I do believe they are valid. Similarly, it isn’t a piece where I wonder why we can’t just get along because “I don’t see color” or some ‘all lives matter’ nonsense.

This is going to be a piece where I’m going to share my experiences with race. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about anything, nor do I speak for all minorities. I speak for myself and I want to share what my experience has been as a female person of color during my short 22 years.  

If you weren’t aware, I’m half black and half white and just saying that means that I’m coming from a place of incredible privilege. I grew up in the fairly liberal PNW, with two incredible parents who did their absolute best to insulate me from those who wished me harm, while still educating me on my family’s history and the issues that still exist today. These are my stories.


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