“Remember when…”

Wallace GallsThis hike is about reminiscing to me. The first time I hiked up to Wallace Falls, I was probably about 14 years old. We went as a family on a sunny weekend. This was very clearly my dad’s thing. At that point in our lives, my sisters and I would have been quite okay with lying on the couch and watching TV all day. I’m definitely more “outdoorsy” now and my dad has gone full-on mountain man, still working on my mom though.

Eventually, we unwillingly gave in to going on the hike, mostly because we did not really have a choice in a matter. We hopped in the trusty minivan and made the drive up to Gold Bar. I don’t really remember the drive, that’s probably because I was reading; I did that on most car rides, growing up.

Anyway, back to the hike, we got there and started to walk toward the falls. About two miles in, you encounter the lowest viewing of the falls, which is a picnic area. The falls are gorgeous and at that point, my sisters and I turned to my dad and said, yeah, that was cool, but let’s go home now. He talked us in to heading up to the next level, which, in his defense, is only a half mile up.
That view of the falls is even better. It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s an area to sit and enjoy. Long story short, he talked us into hiking to the top, but we liked the view at the middle better. Then, my sisters and I ran down the trail. As I hiked down, I was remembering that and realizing that I must have been in really great shape to make that happen, but I run way more now than I did then, so I don’t know.


This hike was full of memories for me and I love that. We cheered for my mom like she was finishing a marathon every half mile or so when she would catch up to us. She hated it.

For this recent hike, I spent the hike remembering all of that. I went on a weekday afternoon and it was still fairly crowded, so I recommend weekdays if you have a sweet schedule where you can just hike in the middle of the week. If not, wake up early…The view of the rest of the valley is also incredible and gives the falls a run for their money. Especially from the top. That view really isn’t that exciting.


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